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The Diabolic Language

Practices for The Magnificent Tremor


This work is guided by the creative researches that make up the repertoire of the artist Carolina Bianchi as a director, author and performer, especially regarding her new play O Tremor Magnífico, on rehearsals process. The devil is known as “the one who comes from darkness", from the obscure. In the meetings we will try to give voice, word, body, image to the darkness that is in us. We will enter our internal (eternal?) night, the space and skin holes, hide in language, disappear in a lubricated act. Merge without merging. Search for spectral tissues, the bones melody, listen to the sounds that are inside the materials. Re-signify, build (and also destroy?) old narratives in a new chest. Metamorphose the obsolete word into muscle, into metal.


Exercises of imagination to go slowly, rebuilding landscapes of unreality: "... the place beyond the pale, both cursed and enchanted."


The interest in this mythological figure and its meanings, much studied in the art and painting history, must be connected to a search for the meaning of certain uncontrollable feelings, to personal conscience, overflowing of the spirit, a possible return to the origin of what is human . Facing a world that loses vital meanings, I perceive the imaginary, the systems of the invisible, the metaphysics of passion, the silent encounters - as true treasures to inhabit the present.


This residency took place at Fita Crepe studio (SP), Sesc Santana (SP), Espaço Montagem (RJ) and Havana International Theater Festival - CUBA. 


I am still immersed in those practices.

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo




Mayra Azzi

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