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Artemisia's Rebellion

Practices of LOBO


LOBO [WOLF] was created in part from a residency, where director Carolina Bianchi worked with 30 male performers and in the end, invited 15 to participate in the creation process of the work, which debuted in São Paulo on May 2018. 

In LOBO tours through other cities, the residency strategy followed and deepened, as was the case in Cena Brasil Internacional - 2018 (Rio de Janeiro) and Porto Alegre Em Cena - 2019. This allows us to work with artists from the locations of the presentations, during the period of 15 to 10 days, and these artists are invited to perform LOBO in the presentations in their city, along with Carolina and performers of the original version of the work.


The residency A Rebelião de Artemísia - Práticas do LOBO [Artemisia's Rebellion - Practices of LOBO], consists of a practices program which involves rehearsals, movement dynamics of the scenes, choreographies and experiences that comprise the assembly of the show.


“To experience the practices that lead to the construction of LOBO, through performative devices that evoke senses of an extreme body: sex, violence and the rebellion of passion in the face of absolute terror. To open spaces, tension images, explode and start over. Create alliances. Spread out, explode into other bodies, like a terrorist love bomb. ”

artemisia gentileschi carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo


Artemisia Gentileschi

Judith Beheading Holofernes


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