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2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Cadela Força is a project being developed by Carolina Bianchi Y Cara de Cavalo, over the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. With residencies in distance and proximity, this piece is also part of Carolina Bianchi's MA research at Das Theatre in Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Arts.

The CADELA FORÇA (in English “Bitch Strength”)  project starts from a confabulation of a several cases of *femicides that took place in recent decades in different parts of the world and will be performed in the form of resurrection or re-enactment, mixed with theatrical language and performance.


CADELA FORÇA is a theatre piece, which texts and actions are organized as a Dantesque poem about femicide. And in this sense, they evoke the Italian poet Dante Alighieri not only as a formal literary quotation but as a gesture of a journey through hell guided by voices that we cannot always identify.


The word femicide is a very recent legal name to classify the murders of women committed because of their gender, that is, the victim is killed for being a woman.


*Femicide is a term of gender-based hate crime, more defined as the murder of women in domestic violence or in the victim's gender aversion (misogyny), but definitions vary depending on cultural context.

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CADELA FORÇA’S dramaturgy is organized in five chapters in sequence, five parts of nonharmonic fit .

In each chapter, there is an approach to a different story, a different context, a different aesthetic, because each death brings the need to start all over again. Restart maybe trying to map the origin of evilness, or, in the future, the possible origin of the miracle, perhaps?

For how many chapters is it possible to stay alive?

Direction and dramaturgy are by Carolina Bianchi and the cast is made up by the members of Cara de Cavalo (Horse’s face), the interdisciplinary collective, whom Carolina perform with and direct.

The first and the second chapter of the piece was created with the main support of DAS Theatre Master Program (2020/22) - Amsterdam/Holland, and also received support through residencies and presentations at Central Elétrica/ Festival 21 Volts, Porto/Portugal (Aug. 2021), Pride Festival in Belgrade/Serbia (Sept. 2021) and KVS / Proximamente Festival ,Brussels/Belgium (Nov. 2021).


After one year working on and presenting the Chapter I of Cadela Força- The bride and the Good Night Cinderella, (the only solo moment in the piece) , they are currently diving into the Chapter II -The Birth of Evilness - about the femicides in Juárez/MEX. In early December Carolina presented at DAS the first work in progress of the Chapter II and in January 2022, she will develop it through a 30-day immersion, with the collective Cara de Cavalo, in Rio de Janeiro –BR.

The Cadela Força Project Team

Carolina Mendonça, Isadora Tomasi, Tomás de Souza, Silvia Bottiroli, Pat Fudyda, Nina Velho, Marina Matheus, Joana Ferraz, Larissa Ballarotti, João Rios, Luisa Callegari, Chico Lima, José Artur, Danielli Mendes, Tomás Decina, Daniel Passi, Luisa Dalgalarrondo, Miguel Caldas, Rafael Limongelli, Antonio Vanfill, Mayra Azzi, Anacris Medina and Jasmim Produção Cultural, Carla Estefan and Metropolitana Gestão Cultural.


Tutor: Edit Kaldor

Support: Das Theatre / Amsterdã

Acknowledgment: Central Elétrica PT, Pride Festival Belgrade, Proximamente Festival, Ateliê Desterro

Production: Carolina Bianchi Y Cara de Cavalo

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