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Disorder of feelings

workshop on-line via zoom platform

In this workshop, the director, playwright and actress Carolina Bianchi, starts from experiences and procedures in the creation of her works "O Tremor Magnífico" , "LOBO, "Quiero hacer el amor", for a dive and sharing of procedures, practices, literatures and images that make up the fluid organism of her dramaturgies and works.


The sharing of pursuits, can be an erotic system that holds potency and anguish, intrinsic manifestations of eroticism, according to Audre Lorde and Georges Bataille, respectively. It is through the sharing of imagination, the construction of images, of soft words -or words that cut like swords- that we may try other forms of communication and relationship, establishing other realities. A spectacle, a performance can be created from the combination of several forces (passionate and devastating) that enable the existence of a possible alternative reality.

"The erotic for me works in many ways, and the first is by providing the power that comes from deeply sharing any pursuit with another person. The sharing of pleasure, whether physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual, forms between the sharers a bridge that can be the basis for understanding much that is not shared between them, and lessens the fear of differences."
Audre Lorde (Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power)



The workshop is composed of 4 online meetings/classes via zoom and one more meeting for a public opening of the experiments performed by the participants.
In this workshop, procedures that are part of Carolina's powerful artistic research and creation will be shared:

> The first axis of sharing takes place from the practices and methodologies created and used by Carolina Bianchi in the creation of her works, and where possibilities of perception of the erotic contact of the body with space and its possible unfoldings will be presented and fruited. Works that inspire this axis: The Uses of the erotic: the erotic as power - Audre Lorde; From the suppression of the object (Notes) - Lygia Clark; Emocionam-me: The performative at risk - Renan Marcondes .

> The second axis is Writing with ghosts - Wet biographies, violent symbiosis.
To narrate is to get lost in a very dark and humid forest. I write as if there were many hands intertwined in mine, living hands and ghostly hands. Blurring the biography. Carolina shares references for the dramaturgical and textual creation and conducts readings of excerpts from the works of the guide authors: Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf.

> The third axis is Possession - The body play of the cup for the Eras.
The body as a container of historical accumulation. The History of the hand. The diabolical language. This meeting will have its dynamic directed from the fruition of the previous meetings. 

Work that inspires this axis: Chapter 5 of Caliban and the witch - Silvia Federici.

In the 4 encounters Carolina will share contents related to the 3 axis and will dialogue with the participants in relation to their personal researches.

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo

Documentary The Magnificent Tremor, 2020
Clara Cavour

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