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The Skeleton of the Horse

Forging, Sacrifice and Resurrection of a Body

Differently from other contexts where the offering of residencies open to the public was directly linked to Carolina Bianchi's works in creation phase, the proposal organized here transcends the delimitations of a specific work. In The Skeleton of the Horse, will enter, in an experiential way, the vast field of the imaginary that gives life to the practices of construction of a certain body, which has been forged, sacrificed, buried, and resurrected over the last years of continuous research. The workshop will be conducted by Carolina Bianchi, Chico Lima, Joana Ferraz, João Rios, José Artur, Larissa Ballarotti, Luisa Dalgalarrondo, and Marina Matheus.
This workshop takes place online, via the Zoom platform, and is entirely hands-on. The ideal is to be able to organize a space and time for absolute concentration and thus enjoy the course. Below are the requirements for each day.


> Day 1 - Hold a chest, hold a gun (aka bone balloon)
/// Needs for the day:
- Notebook and pencil or pen.
- 2 pots/pots with some soil
> Day 2 - The Shadow Muscle
/// Needs for the day:
- The same notebook and pencil or pen
- A hairbrush
> Day 3 - Love Summer bones: resuscitamix
/// Needs for the day:
- An empty glass bottle
- Again the notebook, and pencil or pen
- A sharp knife and a piece of log, branch or stump of wood

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo

Performance by Carolina Bianchi, 2021
Daniel Passi

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