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In recent years, Carolina Bianchi has immersed herself in a research on the forces of eroticism and its unfolding on the scene, its relentless pulsations of ecstasy and death. From her obsessions, resulted the works Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure] (2016), the performance Quiero hacer el amor [I wanna make love] (2017) and LOBO [WOLF] (2018). The works were carried out through, as a fundamental part, the creation and experience of artistic residencies that served as a foundation for sharing and profound exchange of practices and theories addressed by the artist.

   Each work is also the result of problems and obsessions found from experiences in the stem, through specific practices, which end up becoming an immense part of the dramaturgy of the shows. In Manifesto de um corpo delirante [Manifesto of a delusional body] she worked from Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure], on  telepathy training, hypnosis and friction of the body with other matters to obtain erotic pleasure. Actos Passionales [Passionate acts] is the name of the residency that originated Quiero hacer el amor [I wanna make love], a 2017 performance in which a group of women make love with buildings. A rebelião de Artemísia [The rebellion of Artemisia] is the name of the residency of the show LOBO, where Carolina worked only with male performers. And finally, A linguagem diabólica [The diabolic language] is the name she gave to the practices of O tremor magnífico [The magnificent tremor], which range from a study of a blurred timeline, dancing with ghosts, and working with the idea of ​​a state of possession

   The shows mentioned here were built together with a collective of artists - Cara de Cavalo [Horse face] - who assume different functions for each work, with a large part of these artists coming from the meeting at the residencies.

   Carolina promotes a tireless attempt of the materialization of states that are built on these practices through the scene performativity, combined with an extremely carnal textual poetics, and an aesthetic research that involves intense archeology of the director's universe of passions: works of baroque painting, emblematic songs from other decades, horror movies, and authors like Emily Dickinson and Pier Paolo Pasolini.

   The shows created by Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo consist of small worlds where one rides with a very own language. The scenes form a heap of insoluble equations, small pictures of horror and beauty, wet with sweat, exhausted from primordial ecstasy, where nothing is resolved, there are no solutions, and Eros' anguish always contemplates death. Death not as a finality, but as an inevitable part of the poetic journey: it is always necessary to say goodbye to something in order for a new thing to emerge.


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​Érico Peretta

Presentation history

MATA-ME DE PRAZER (2015/2016)

Duas temporadas na Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade
Festival Cena Brasil Internacional CCBB RJ
Atos de Fala (Sesc Tijuca)
Mostra Degeneradas (Sesc Santana)
Mostra In Loquos (Sesc Santo Amaro).
Sesc Vila Mariana - Maratona das paixões
Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade
Sesc Santana
Sesc 24 de Maio
Sesc Pinheiros
Sesc Vila Mariana - Maratona das paixões
L O B O (2018/20)
Residência de dramaturgia Panorama Sur (Buenos Aires)
Teatro de Contêiner - SP
7º Festival Cena Brasil Internacional - RJ
Teatro Oficina UZYNA UZONA - SP
SESC Vila Mariana - Maratona das paixões
6a Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo / MIT-br (Plataforma Brasil)
SESC Pompéia
Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro (Mostra Caixote) - RJ
26º Porto Alegre em Cena
Teatro João Caetano
Galpão do Folias - SP
NY Skirball abril de 202 > cancelada devido à pandemia global


Estréia em 04 de março de 2020 no Teatro de Contêiner - SP.  > temporada interrompida devido à pandemia global.


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