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The Incandescent Language

Playwriting Laboratory


Write with the whole body. 

Create a humid space between imaginary and writing.

Write like someone who addresses all the air to the devil. 

I write without a language. Without specific zone. 

I don't even know to tell you what language I speak. 

I write in the devil's language. 


The creation of dramaturgies that operate between absolute amazement and delight. Writing that dissociates horse and rider. Without saddles. Let's get the horse in fur. Writing, which I refer to here, is the organization of one word after another and also the writing of a possible drastic dance, of language that the body expels. With which organs do I write a text? Writting as a sequence shot of centuries and centuries in the flesh. Spill what's inside into the space. 


I invite all of you who are horny for dramaturgy, in theater or in dance, horny for putting into words certain impossible forms, for this creative laboratory. Over the course of 6 meetings, we will focus on our writings - which may be something that you have already started or that you would like to start now - something that could be put on stage one day, or immediately, something that is designed according to your obsession. Let's read together, ask questions, rack our brains, sweat, go on the stalk, on practices and some theories. 


“All this that I write to you is like a hot egg that passes from one hand to the other (...) What I write to you is an “it”. It won't stop: continues. What I write to you continues and I am bewitched". [Clarice Lispector]

Escrita Incandescente

Pratices "Marathon of The Passions"
SESC Vila Mariana SP
Mayra Azzi

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