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HardCore From The Heart

Porn Choreographic Practices


Sex and its frequencies in the context of creativity have guided my study desires and my recent works. And at this point in which I find myself, its possibilities of unfolding seem endless. I am in an uninterrupted process of research and creation, so this workshop arises from a need for dialogue, a joint sharing of this theoretical-practical study.


What are the possible relationships / tensions between body in an erotic approach to space?


Which is the dance that comes out of this sex? 

How does the way I practice sex affect the way I dance? 

or how does it affect the way I write? In this research, I come to pornography when I perceive it as a powerful technology of pleasure, and its implications in the context of the arts - especially Post-Porn - a term designated for pornography that presents us with the effect of turning into subjects those bodies and subjectivities that, until now, could’ve only been abject objects of pornographic representation: women, sexual minorities, non-white or disabled bodies, transsexual, intersex and transgender people. Many of these dynamics are forms of rebellion against the oppressive and extremely moralistic system we are experiencing. 

How can they be combined with artistic work? 


How do I trigger a post-pornographic dance?

L O B O Teatro Oficina 2018

Teatro Oficina São Paulo, 2018
Mayra Azzi

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