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carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo MATA-ME DE PRAZER


Mata-me de Prazer

SESC Santana, 2018 

Mayra Azzi


It's a fictional study that reveals a country that, after suffering a series of geological tragedies, detaches itself from its continent and starts sailing the ocean. Its population goes into an extreme erotic frequency that implies in the practice of sex most of the time. As the days go by, they start an accelerated process of language transformation: they start to communicate by telepathy, they teleport and manage to have premonitions of the future. Their ecstasy reaches an extreme level and, at that point, death is inevitable.

Conception, direction, texto and performance: Carolina Bianchi

Music (Oral Study version): Tom Monteiro

Music (2016 version): Lucas Vasconsellos

Sound: Joana Flor

Light design: Alessandra Domingues

Art direction: Tomás Decina

Costume: Lu Mugayar and Carolina Bianchi

Production: AnaCris Medina and Jasmim Produção Cultural

Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure] premiered in January 2016 at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo and had performances going on several festivals such as Questão de Gênero (Sesc RJ), Cena Brasil Internacional (CCBB RJ), In LOQUS mostra de performances and at Sesc Santo Amaro and Sesc Vila Mariana (São Paulo).


The work premiered in January 2016 in São Paulo in the form of a “lecture performance”, on which the speaker gradually revealed herself to be a victim of the fantastic erotic events that happened in her own lecture.


“In this first version, were I and Lucas Vasconcellos, composer and multi instrumentalist. I needed to use a lot of objects and perform with them at that time. My body needed to be involved. But what happened was that I was unable to escape the representation that seemed to forge a very antagonistic state to the Eros in question in that narrative.

Therefore, in 2018 I decided to do another version of this work, an oral study. A sex between word and sound. I invited the musician Tom Monteiro to accompany me. I was sitting reading the text and using the words to search for a sensation close to the ecstasy of Eros. The word and the sound creating trance frequencies that left me more distant from representation and, therefore, closer to the senses of eroticism and mystery that involve these dynamics ”.

[Carolina Bianchi]


Throughout 2016, workshops called “Manifesto de um Corpo Delirante” [Manifesto of a Delusional Body] were held, in which practices and problems that accompanied Carolina during the creation and presentations of the work were shared. The workshops took place in several Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife.


Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure] is the work that inaugurates Cara de Cavalo [Horse Face].

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo MATA-ME DE PRAZER

Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure]

First version (2016)

Murilo Basso

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo MATA-ME DE PRAZER

Mata-me de prazer [Kill me with pleasure]

Oral Study (2018/2019)

Mayra Azzi

carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo MATA-ME DE PRAZER
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