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carolina bianchi y cara de cavalo quiero hacer el amor


It is a performance in which a group of 10 to 20 female artists sexually interact with different surfaces/materials that configure a public space.

For approximately 120 minutes we rub the entire length of our bodies as a possibility of pleasure when in contact with the floor, with the building architecture, and with the objects that are found along the way.

We shift our desire to the public space, in an attempt to expand the possibilities of pleasure in every inch of our body. To be moved in public, in the dynamics of anguish and pleasure that involves the sexual act, in an attempt to also be an extension of the space, of this architecture. Decontextualizing habits, lofty affective muscles. Wet the heritage with our fluids. Fuck and be fucked by it.

This work was carried out from an artistic residence, Actos Passionales, in which we've researched together the possibilities of these bodies to have sex with space. The practices that consist of the work were shared in several workshops in the performance presentation situations.


Conception and direction: Carolina Bianchi

Creative performers in São Paulo: Joana Ferraz, Carolina Splendore Cameron, Michele Navarro, Marina Matheus, Danielli Mendes, Debora Rebecchi, Mariza Virgulino, Larissa Ballarotti, Mariana Mantovani, Tetembua Dandara

Executive production: Anacris Medina

Photos: Mayra Azzi

Videos: Fernanda Vinhas

Production direction: Jasmim Produção Cultural

"... (even in the case of Quiero hacer el amor, in which the title has a clear intention, that one dissolves itself in actions, in the form of a wish that is never fulfilled). What they choose to present is, first of all, an affect shared by a group, a situation of joint emotion, such as a funeral or a football game.

And the path of emotion, despite clearly being a performative proposal, seems to challenge a certain understanding of performance, directly linked to power, autonomy and world transformation.” [Emocionam-me: o performativo em risco, by Renan Marcondes on Quiero Hacer el Amor]”

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